Education 225: Education and Social Justice (CSI)

Critical examination of the social, cultural, political and economic forces that influence school policies and practices.  Analysis of the challenges and opportunities teachers confront as they respond to the needs of all students and the lived experience of social class, gender, race, ethnicity, linguistic difference, ability, and/ or sexual orientation. . Required field experience.

Prerequisites: None.

Offered each semester.


"Government, business, art, religion, all social institutions have a meaning, a purpose. That purpose is to set free and to develop the capacities of human individuals without respect to race, sex, class, or economic status. And this is all one with saying that the test of their value is the extent to which they educate every individual into the full stature of his possibility. Democracy has many meanings, but if it has a moral meaning, it is found in resolving that the supreme test of all political institutions and industrial arrangements shall be the contribution they make to the all around growth of every member of society."

John Dewey, 1948, Reconstruction in Philosophy.