Background Check Requirements for Clinical Placements

Fall 2013

Clinical students are required by the local districts to complete background check requirements prior to the first day of field placement. Unit 5 and District 87 implemented new procedures last spring that must be completed by all students, even those that have previously completed a fingerprint check. The procedures are based on the interpretation of Illinois legislation. 

Students are responsible for all fees associated with required background checks for district placements. Requirements are subject to change due to changes in district policy, changes in legislation, or interpretation of policies and legislation. Students completing a complete fingerprint based check must submit a copy of their CHRI check within 21 days of being fingerprinted. Students who do not comply will be removed from the field. 

District 87

Unit 5 

Please Note: Public Act 96-1452 also requires all students to complete a new fingerprint based criminal history records information (CHRI) check prior to student teaching for the district in which you will student teach. Students placed in multiple districts must complete a separate check for each district. More information will be sent out in April prior to student teaching.