Incident Reporting Protocol

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In the event an IWU student perceives that a student is likely to do harm to self or others, an immediate report should be made to school personnel.  When there is some question as to what constitutes a critical incident, students are to err on the side of caution.  The IWU student is not to leave the school building until a report has been made directly to your cooperating teacher or supervisor, school counselor, or principal.  If necessary, tell the school secretary that you have been instructed to interrupt the school counselor to report an incident.

In cases where a decision is necessary for making a child abuse or neglect report, IWU students must follow district policy regarding such reporting.  Should any IWU student disagree with the decision of a school counselor and/or administrator, he or she will be advised to take whatever individual steps he or she believes are required.  Students will do so independent of District 87 or Unit 5 status.  As a professional courtesy, students are asked to inform school personnel of any independent actions taken regarding child abuse reporting. 

Students are to call or e-mail their IWU professor within 24 hours of an incident to debrief, that is, share (1) what student saw/heard; (2) what student did; and (3) to whom student reported.  Students may ask professors for assistance processing critical events.  An Incident Report Form should be completed and turned into the supervising IWU faculty member, who will keep the confidential record until deemed no longer necessary.