The Park Place Economist 2012-2013

Volume XXI

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2012-2013 Editorial Board

Letter from the Editor
Tara Gracer '13

News and Commentary

Experimental Economics Comes to Life – Prior Appropriations in the Mimbres River Basin
Melissa Seeborg '13

Professor Ilaria Ossella-Durbal’s Sabbatical Adventures
Melissa Seeborg '13

Class of 2013 Senior Biographies
Matt Bishop '14 & Michael Mayberger '14


Brazil: The Impact of Business Conditions and  Hyper-Urbanization on Development in the Country of the Future
Nicholas Desideri '13, Drake Hill '13, Elizabeth Liubicich '14, & Claudia Petcu '14

The Determinants of Economic Growth in the Transitional Economies of the Former Yugoslavia
Tara Gracer '13

The Obstacles Facing India on Its Journey to Becoming a Developed Country
Tara Gracer '13, Zahra Lalani '13, & Chi Nguyen '15

Assessing Happiness: How Economic Factors Measure Up
Elizabeth Hancock '13

Allocating Scarce Water Resources:Examining if Price Differentials Exist in a Prior Appropriations Setting
Hayley Harroun '13

The Effects of the Great Recession on the Unemployment Rates of Minorities in the United States
Jarrod Hill '13

Improving Water Quality and Sanitation Through Growth and Aid: The Case of Africa
Zahra Lalani '13

Does Gentrification Lower Crime: A Look at Granger-Casuality in Washington, D.C.
Will Lawrence '13

An Analysis of the Relationship Between Employment and Crime
Deepak Mallubhotla '13

The Effects of Temporary Immigrant Labor on the Information Technology Industry
Katelyn Rowley '13

How Do Economic and Political Factors Affect NASA Funding?
Austin Smiley '13

The Comparison of Economic Assimilation Between Indian and Chinese Immigrants in the United States
Zongda Tu '14

Analysis of the Influences of Inflation, Measured by Percentage Change in CPI, and Other Economic Variables on Stock Performance
Wei Zhang '13

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