Social Justice Training Requests

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers educational programming around social justice issues, inclusion, and facilitation skills for diverse groups. These workshops are available to all students, student organizations, and classes. We offer a base of workshops, however, we can create new ones or tailor the mentioned ones to the needs of the organization. Please email to request a workshop or guided facilitation from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Workshop Topics

FaithZone Workshop  
Co-facilitated with the Office of Multifaith Engagement, this workshop seeks to celebrate and support different worldviews on campus. This session seeks 1) to equip participants with skills to have conversations around faith and religion, 2) increase understanding of religious diversity at IWU & beyond, and 3) a ffirm that religious identity is a part of student well-being. 

Safe Zone Workshop  
The IWU Safe Zone Program creates an opportunity for Illinois Wesleyan community members to reduce homophobia and heterosexism on campus. IWU Safe Zone empowers students, faculty, and staff members to serve as resources for members of the campus community who are interested in becoming more knowledgeable about sexual orientation and gender identity. IWU Safe Zone also identifies supportive spaces to feel comfortable and safe in a confidential environment. 

Gender Identity and Academia
This presentation will assist faculty, staff, and students alike in understanding the landscape of appropriate gender use in an academic setting. With a focus on non-binary and transgender identities, the presentation outlines the global history of non-cis identities and provides resources for inclusive academic writing.

Power and Privilege
Learn more about how different intersections of identity affect individual and group agency both historically and in today's society. Participants will both learn about historically underserved populations and partake in self-reflection activities to better understand the shape of our society.

Working with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI)
The ODI offers resources for all students, especially those from underrepresented groups such as multi-racial, African American, Latinx, Native American, Asian-American, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBQA TGNC)+, first generation, and women. There are also many opportunities to collaborate get involved through signature programs. Meet the ODI staff and learn more about these opportunities through this program.

Racial Identity Development
Learn more about the foundations racial identity development and how groups and individuals of different racial backgrounds navigate society.

Social Justice 101
Utilize this introduction to social justice to create a foundation of knowledge within your group about diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice and how to engage with diverse groups. Key terms and activities are used to explain basic concepts related to social justice.

What's Going On?! A discussion about current events and the racial and political tensions in today's America
Participate in a facilitated discussion regarding those current events that speak to tensions around racial and politicized identities. Presentations can be customized to focus on one or more groups of marginalized peoples both domestically and abroad. 

Request your own!
Do you have a diversity and inclusion related topic you would like a presentation or dialogue facilitated around? Request your own program and describe what issues you would like to be covered. We will set up a meeting to make sure we are covering the content you and your organization have requested.