Recent Projects

IWU Campus Climate Survey

The purpose of this study is to gather a baseline understanding of how different constituents on campus perceive campus climate. Campus climate refers to how campus members perceive and experience life on campus, particularly students from diverse backgrounds. It also refers to behaviors and attitudes related to fostering diversity.

Research has suggested that as college campuses become more diverse it is essential to measure how all students are experiencing the campus climate (Worthington, 2008). Previous research has found that perceptions of campus climate can vary by race, gender and year of school (Hutchinson, Raymond, & Black, 2008). For these reasons, IWU is embarking on examining how students, faculty and staff from multiple backgrounds experience campus.

Crossroads Training

In Fall 2009, IWU hosted a 3-hour training by Crossroads to provide an introduction to institutional racism.  Goals included developing a common language to understand continuing racism in our country, to explore racism as a systemic issue, to discuss approaches to dismantle racism, and to explore interest in collective action within the campus and wider community.