John Wesley Powell Research Conference

The John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference was established as an annual event in 1990. Held in April each year, the conference provides an opportunity for students who are pursuing individual research projects to present those projects in a public forum. Research projects pursued by students at any level - freshman through senior - and in any academic program throughout the university, are eligible to participate. Research can be presented either in a poster session format, or in a (15-min) oral presentation. Below are all diversity related posters and oral presentations since 1990.



Incorporating Multicultural Literature in an Elementary Language Arts Classroom(ED. Poster)

Analysis of Labor Market Performance of College- Educated African Immigrants in the United States(Poster)

Desirable as a Man? Hegemonic Masculinity and Asian American Gayness(Poster)

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identity Work – A Comparative Study between the US and Denmark(Poster)

Cultural Tension in the Antebellum Louisiana School System(Poster)

Student Awareness of White Privilege and White Racial Identity at Illinois Wesleyan University(Poster)

Effects of Racial Literacy on Color-Blind Racist Attitudes(Poster)



What's on Your Mind?: Facebook and the Development of Spanish Identity in the United States(Poster)

Bringing Language to Life: Culture in Foreign Language Learning(ED. Poster)

The Sustained Impact of IWU's "Engaging Diversity" Program on Seniors' Color-blind Racial Attitudes(Oral)

Understanding Attitudes Towards Interracial Relationships Among College Students(Oral)



American by Citizenship or American at Heart: an Analysis of Becoming an American as Seen Through the Eyes of an Indian-American Immigrant (Poster)

The Long Road to Becoming American: One Kenyan’s Immigration Journey Filled with Perseverance, Discrimination, and Student Visa Restrictions (Poster)

Bicultural Living: Maria Luisa Mainou's Experience with Immigration and Cultural Change (Poster)

Home, Transformed: A Visual Ethnography of a Puerto Rican Professor in the Midwest (Poster)

Snapped into Focus: Addressing the Challenges Faced by Undocumented Mexican Immigrants in the United States (Poster)

The Context of Diabetes within the Hispanic Population el contexto de la diabetes entre la población hispana (Poster)

Becoming American from Bulgaria to the United States: The Firsthand Experience of Nikolay Karnev (Poster)

Nairobi to Normal: The Roots, Growth, and Cultivation of an Illinois-Based Immigrant Farmer (Poster)

An American Who Emigrated From Poland: The Significance of Education and Family Support in the Acculturation Process (Poster)

Becoming American: A Visual Ethnographic Examination of Immigrant American Identity (Poster)

Target Language Cultural Materials in the Spanish Classroom (Poster)

Forced Migration and Accumulation by Dispossession: A Suggested Model for Understanding Mexican Immigration (Oral)

The Effects of Temporary Immigrant Labor (Oral)

Transmitting Occupational Niches From First to Second Generation Immigrants: Are There Earnings Consequences From Being the “Copycat” Generation? (Oral)

Assessing Undergraduate Nursing Students' Knowledge, Attitudes and Cultural Competence in Caring for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Patients (Oral)



Incorporating Visuals in a Secondary English Classroom (Poster)

Anti-LGBTQ + Relational-Agression in Adolescents (Poster)

International and Transnational Mexican Migration: A Marxian Approach (Oral)

Economic Assimilation of Chinese Immigrants in the United States: Is There Wage Convergence With Natives? (Oral)

The Latino Immigrant Experience: An Interdisciplinary Review of the Outcomes of Historical and Current Institutionalized Inequalities (Oral)

Bridging the Divides: Creating a Safe and Collaborative Classroom for Diverse Students (Oral)

Racial Socilization Practices & the Adolescent African American Student (Oral)



Heritage Spanish Speakers: Self Confidence through Study Abroad (Poster)

The State of Hispanic Education: Correlations Between Educational Attainment, Nativity and Language in Illinois (Poster)

The Perception of Bilingualism in the United States (Poster)

Learning English as a Second Language: Best Practices for Adult Latino Learners (Poster)

Healthcare for Hispanics in the United States (Poster)

Attitudes Towards Bilingual Education: A Study of Educators and University Students in Bloomington-Normal, IL (Poster)

Native Spanish Speakers and Their Quest for English in the U.S.: Do They Want to Learn? (Poster)

Multiculturalsim and Metamorphoses: How Changing Racial Demographics in the United States are Influencing Museums in the 21st Century (Poster)

Bilingualsim vs. Special Needs: The Methods and Critiques of Diagnosing Language Acquisition Issues vs. Special Needs (Poster)

The Effect of Niche Occupations in Income: A Closer Look at Chinese, Filipino, and Asian Indian Immigrants (Oral)

The Availability and Effectiveness of Health Information and Materials in Spanish in Bloomington-Normal, IL (Oral)

Language Choice of High School Students in Central Illinois (Oral)

Spanish Language Representation in Illinois Media (Oral)

Bilingual Education in Bloomington-Normal: The Here & Now and After (Oral)

Lexical and Morphological Variations of Verbal Forms in the Spanish of Bilingual Youth in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois (Oral)

Managing Hispanic Clientele; A Case Study of Language Policy at a Company in Bloomington, Il. (Oral)



Attitudes Toward Diversity Among White College Students: Relationship With Gender, Year in School, Openness, and Colorblind Racial Attitudes (Poster)

Hispanics and Diabetes: Many Problems But Many Answers (Poster)

The Impact of Motivation in the High School Spanish Classroom (Poster)

Supporting Native Language Literacy and Culture Among Hispanic High School Students (Poster)

Labor Market Outcomes of Middle Eastern Immigrants in the Aftermath of September 11th (Oral)

The Effects of Parental Education on the Earnings of Children in Native and Immigrant Families (Oral)



Identity, Culture, and Self: African Students at Illinois Wesleyan University (Poster)

Queer Identity: Awareness and Advocacy of the LGBTQ Community Through the Efforts of Illinois Wesleyan University's Pride Alliance (Poster)

Language Attitudes of Bloomington-Normal ESL Students (Poster)

Anime; An Illinois Wesleyan Culture Club (Poster)

Indian Classical Dance: The Tradition of Heritage (Poster)

Predicting Labor Force Participation Behaviors of Female Immigrants to the U.S. (Poster)

Language Status of Native Spanish-Speakers in Bloomington, IL: A Replication Study (Poster)

Perceptions of Black Female Sexuality in Reality Television Shows (Poster)

Hispanics in Chicago and DuPage County, IL: Effects of Income on the Maintenance of the Spanish Language (Poster)

Language Patterns and Attitudes of Hispanic University Students (Oral)

Language Ideology and Racism: The Case of Middle-Class Latinos in Bloomington, Illinois (Oral)

Spanish Language Use Among Hispanic Bilinguals: The Role of the Mother Tongue in the Formation of Cultural Identity (Oral)

Educational Attainment and Spanish Maintenance: A Study of the Hispanic Populations of Chicago and the United States (Oral)

Code-Switching Patterns Among Bilingual Fourth-Grade Students in Bloomington, IL: Potential Implications for Educators (Oral)

Heritage Language Maintenance: A Study of Central Illinois Teacher Attitudes (Oral)

Retention of Spanish in the Home: A Replication of Hart-Gonzalez and Feingold (1990) (Oral)



Native Americans and Storytelling in Contemporary American Society (Poster)

Effects of Affirmative Action at IWU (Oral)

Refugees from the 1st Through 4th Centuries: Racial, Economic, Cultural, and Practical Issues Along the Borders (Oral)



Working Motherhood: A Study on the Relationship Between the Policies Surrounding Childbirth, Women's Economic Security and Gender Equality (Poster)

African Students' Adjustment to Life In the U.S.: Haraka, Haraka Haina Baraka (Hurrying, Hurrying, Brings No Blessings) (Poster)

A Threat to Male Order: Women Who Go Beyond Their Place in Medieval Society (Oral)

Satirizing the Silence: A Critique of the Patriarchy's Destruction of the Female Character in Much Ado About Nothing  (Oral)

Arrested Development: Understanding the Identity Construction of Queer Students of Color at a Small Liberal Arts University in the Midwest (Oral)

Globalization & Gangs: The Evolution of Central American Gangs (Oral)



The Making of a Woman: An Examination of the Modern Collegiate Feminist (Poster)

Reading between the Lines: The Impact of Multicultural Literature on Children's Perceptions of People of Different Cultures (Poster)

The Cross-Cultural Characteristics of Conflict among Indonesian, South Korean, and United States Adolescents (Poster)

The Effect of Gender and Language Proficiency on Negotiation for Meaning in Young Adult Interactions (Oral)

The Influences of Feminist Attitudes on White Racial Identity (Oral)

The Influence of Racialized Socialization on the Development of White Racial Identity (Oral)

The Relationship Between Gay-Related Stress and Ethnicity for Homosexual and Bisexual Males (Oral)

High School Dropout Determinants: The Effect of Socioeconomic Status and Learning Disabilities (Oral)

The Gender Wage Gap: Does Labor Force Attachment Matter? (Oral)

Multicultural Education and Its Benefits for the Classroom (Oral)



Men's Objectification of Women (Poster)

Borrowed Meanings: The Appropriation and Commodification of Native American Culture (Poster) 

Books Come in All Colors: Multicultural Education in the English Classroom (Poster)

Role Taking vs. Cultural Identity: Defining Disability in an Able-Bodied Environment (Poster)

Pink and Blue Make Purple: Gender in the Classroom (Poster)

What About Me? An LD Student in a Mainstream Classroom (Poster)

The Effect of Gender and Cultural Expectations on Young Women in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS (Poster)

Language Deficiency and the Occupational Attainment of Mexican Immigrants (Poster)

Female Gravitation Toward Physics (Poster)

High Academic-Achieving College-Aged Women and the Risks and Challenges They Face (Oral)



Do We Stereotype?: Creation of the Cross-University Stereotyping Survey (CUSS) (Poster)

Representing African-American Students at IWU: Explorations in Visual Anthropological Methods(Poster)

Cuban Immigration in the U.S.(Oral)

Wage Differentials for Immigrant Women in the United States: The Heightened Effect of Gender and Ethnic Interaction (Oral)

Racial Discrimination in Major League Baseball: Can it Exist When Productivity is Crystal Clear? (Oral)

The Effects of U.S. Migration on Migrants of Oaxaca, Mexico upon their Return (Oral)

Positive Feedback on Appearance, Value Placed on Appearance, and Need for Approval: Implications for Disordered Eating Behavior

Among Undergraduate Females (Oral)

Social Organization & Disorganization among the Hadzabe: The Division of Labor and the Effects of Tourism on a Hunting & Gathering Society in Tanzania (Oral)

Negro Baseball Leagues as the Center of Midwestern African American Communities (Oral)

Protecting Women from Domestic Violence: A Comparative Perspective (Oral)   



Threatening Masculinity and Its Effects On Antigay Attitudes and Behavior (Poster)

Masculine Threat, Self-Esteem, and Homophobic Behaviors in College Men (Poster)

Development of a Measure of Men's Objectification of Women (Poster)

Contentious Policies: The Experiment with Affirmative Action in Undergraduate Admissions to Public Universities (Oral)



Masculine Threat and Anti-Gay Attitude (Poster)

The Vagina Monologues: Illinois Wesleyan University's Production of Entertainment and Empowerment (Poster)

Lesbian Suicide and Gender Identity in Interwar Japan (Oral)

English Language Proficiency and the Wage Rates of Mexican Immigrants (Oral)

Head Start Teachers and their Use of Multicultural Education (Oral)



Will New Immigrants Survive? Now You Know the Rest... (Oral)

Choosing American: The Acculturation Experience of Mexican Women in the U.S. (Oral)

Hand/Arm Gesture Among Japanese and American Female College Students: A Cross-Cultural Comparison (Oral)



Determinants of Economic Growth in East Asia (Poster)

The Performance Practice of Negro Spirituals on the Concert Stage (Oral)

Relational Aggression in U.S. and Indonesian Children and Adolescents: Gender, Developmental, and Cultural Comparisons (Oral)

Benefits by Gender: Determinants of Welfare Accessibility for Migrant Women in Western Europe (Oral)



Las Mujeres de Oro (Golden Girls) (Oral)

Chinese Communist Party Leadership in the Countryside: Historical Contradictions and Corrections (Oral)

Does it Pay to be a Man? A Study of Pay Differentials between College Graduates (Oral)

Listening to the Native Voice: Museums as a Medium in Correcting Native American Stereotypes (Oral)



Trade and Commerce at Sepphoris, Israel (Oral)



Immigrant Wage Differentials in the United States Labor Market (Poster)

Factors Affecting Attitude Toward Immigrants to the United States (Poster)



Identification of Inner-City African-American Caregiver 's Informational Needs in Providing Care for Their Children Educational Attainment: The Effects of Socioeconomic Differences (Poster)

Women in Private Practice (Poster)



Perception of Religious Experience by Adult Americans (Poster)

Occupational Segregation Among Gender - A Look at the Future (Poster)



Modernization and Development: A Comparative Study of South Korea and Brazil (Poster)

Toward a More Comprehensive Explanation of Declining Black Male Youth Employment Daddy Doesn 't Live Here Anymore: A Study of the Determinants of Female-Headed Minority Families (Poster)