Loan Information

Unsecured Loans

Based upon length of IWU employment, members may obtain unsecured (signature) loans up to $7,500 for a maximum period of 48 months.

Acceptable collateral includes: clear title to vehicle, member's shares or co-signer's shares. The Credit Union does not accept titles, deeds, abstracts to real estate or personal property (such as jewelry, furniture, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, etc.) for collateral.

When using a car as collateral, it is mandatory to:

  • obtain total comprehensive insurance made payable to the IWU Federal Credit Union to cover the amount of the loan.
  • send a copy of the policy from the insurance company to the IWU Business Office within 30 days of the day the loan is made - or the loan is subject to call.

Loan Rates 

(Maximum for all loans: $50,000)

New Unsecured (Signature)  Loan Terms:
  - All unsecured loans at 10%
  - IWU Employment:


3-11 months
30 months
12-23 months
30 months
24-83 months
30 months
84-more months
48 months

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New Car Loans

up to 60 Months
61 - 72 Months


Used Car Loans

1-4 year old cars up to 60 months
5 years and older up to 48 months

Motorcycle Loans


Loan not to exceed 60 months


Loan not to exceed 48 months