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Standardized Testing (ACT/SAT)

UPDATE 10/13/2020: The next testing date is November 7 (SAT).  Currently, we plan to test that day, but as always, circumstances can change quickly so please continue to monitor this site.  Further updates will be posted starting at the end of October.


Illinois Wesleyan plans to hold limited SAT tests this fall, starting with the September 26th test.  If you are scheduled to take the test at IWU, please carefully read the following information and instructions:


Waiver Requirement

All individuals attending a test at IWU this fall must submit a signed waiver prior to entering the building.  If under the age of eighteen, the waiver requires the signature of a parent or guardian.  To expedite the entry process, please print out, sign, and bring this waiver with you the morning of your test.   Anyone without a signed waiver will be denied entry  to the building and will not be able to take the test at IWU. 

IWU Waiver – Fall 2020 (link)

If you need assistance downloading the waiver, please contact our Conference Services office at  We strongly encourage you to download and print the waiver at least two days in advance; Conference Services staff is available to answer emails Monday-Friday from 8am to 4.30pm.



As with many test sites, we continue to monitor developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Though at this time we anticipate the ability to conduct the test safely, rapid developments impacting test site feasibility are possible.  Factors such as local outbreaks or new mandates may result in test cancellation with little notice, or require changes to our test day process.  We keep this website updated with our current status, and  advise you to check the website frequently, including the night prior to the test .


Testing Location

The SAT test will be administered at the Center for Natural Sciences building on the IWU campus at 201 Beecher Street, Bloomington, IL.  Parking is available directly across the building; no permit or fee is required to park.  All test takers must enter through the entrance off of Beecher Street.

IWU Campus Map (link)


Check In Time and Campus Policies

On test day, doors will open at 7.30am.  Please help keep everyone safe and expedite the process by being aware of the following policies:

  1. If you are currently or have recently been feeling ill or experiencing symptoms, please do not come on test day.  A list of symptoms is available at the CDC website.
  2. Masks are required at  all  times while on campus, including outside.  You may be asked to leave if you remove your mask or do not have it fully covering your nose and mouth.
  3. At the door, present your photo ID and waiver for entry
  4. Once cleared, you will be directed to immediately enter your assigned testing room.  If you need to use the bathroom prior to the test start, please let the staff member know and use it before entering your test room.
  5. Due to capacity restrictions, a limited number of people can be in the building lobby at a time.  Once at capacity, you will be asked to wait outside in line; please plan accordingly for the weather.  We will move people through as quickly as possible!
  6. Tests will start as soon as possible, but to stagger start times (and therefore break and ending times), please be prepared to sit in the room for some minutes before starting the test.
  7. Desks are placed 6’ apart; masks are required for the entire test-taking experience.
  8. Your test coordinator will provide instructions on which bathroom and exit to use; please do not hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure of which exit or bathroom to use.



The state of Illinois has established 11 regions with Illinois Wesleyan University residing in Region 2. The state tracks information from this area to determine if additional mitigation tactics are needed. 

For more information regarding the region's metrics concerning COVID-19 guidelines please visit the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) website

For more specific information regarding McLean County's cases and updates, please visit the McLean County Health Department website. 


We are doing our best to create a comfortable and safe test experience for everyone.  We appreciate your adherence to the above policies, and look forward to seeing you on test day!

Previous updates to this website:

UPDATE 9/30/2020: The October 3 SAT (regular and subject tests) will proceed as planned - we look forward to seeing the SAT test takers on Saturday morning!  Please remember your waiver and mask; doors open at 7.30am.  If you have not felt well recently, please postpone your test!

UPDATE 9/25/2020: We look forward to seeing the SAT test takers tomorrow morning!  Please remember to bring your waiver (or have a parent/guardian accompany you), wear your mask, and if you've not felt well recently, please stay home!

UPDATE 9/21/2020: Illinois Wesleyan continues to plan for the September 26th SAT test, and has started preparations for the October 3rd SAT.  Please continue to monitor this website regularly, including the night before the test, as changes can occur rapidly.  We encourage you to print out your waiver at least 2 days in advance!

UPDATE 9/14/2020: Illinois Wesleyan continues to plan for the September 26th SAT test.  Please continue to monitor this website regularly, including the night before the test, as changes can occur rapidly.

UPDATE 9/8/2020: At this time Illinois Wesleyan University still plans to hold the September 26th SAT test. However, the university continues to monitor regional (Region 2) trends as the region is seeing an increase in cases that may trigger additional guidelines. For more information on the region's metrics, please go to the recently added "Resources" paragraph below.