Conference Services

Protection of Minors Policy


Illinois Wesleyan University, in fulfillment of its purpose as a liberal arts institution and active community partner, holds or hosts programs throughout the year with participants under the age of eighteen (“minors”).  The University recognizes its responsibility and fundamental obligation to protect minors in its care and is committed to ensuring a secure and safe environment in its facilities and for its programs.


Minor: an individual under the age of 18

Program: any event, meeting, or program.  This includes camps, visits, tours, concerts, sporting activities, practices, lessons, special events, and socials that are either commuter or residential, and includes off-campus events sponsored by IWU.  Programs are classified as Internal, Affiliate, or External.

Internal Program: any IWU-sponsored event, including sponsored activities that occur off-campus.  The term “Internal Program” applies to commuter or residential programs designed to serve minors such as camps, lessons, recruiting activities, practices, and tours.  IWU-sponsorship is defined as a program operated by University employees as part of their employment, or using University funds to cover all or part of the program expenses.  Programs conducted by registered student organizations are included in this category.  Programs conducted by University employees in their personal capacity are considered external or affiliate programs depending on the nature of the program.

Affiliate Program: any event, including those that occur off-campus, conducted by a university employee that benefits the employee’s recruitment efforts for the university but is not considered directly part of their employment and is not paid for by University funds; however it may use the University name and its website for promotion.  This includes camps run by coaches, and designation as an affiliate is determined by the Conference Services Office.

External Program: any event on University premises conducted by an outside entity that includes participants that are minors.  This includes University employees holding personal events on University property.  External Program reservations are arranged through the Conference Services Office and include execution of an Agreement prior to using any University property.  Inclusive of this Agreement is acceptance of the Protection of Minors Policy and the performance of background checks and appropriate training for any Program Staff.  The External Program is required to certify in writing that they understand and have met all requirements detailed in the Policy and Agreement. 

Program Staff: any volunteer or employee, paid or unpaid, engaged in the oversight, supervision or operation of a Program.

IWU Program Staff: any volunteer or employee, paid or unpaid, engaged in the oversight, supervision or operation of an Internal or Affiliate Program.  All IWU Program Staff are mandatory reporters.

Director: the person identified as in charge of the Program, able to make decisions regarding the Program and authorized to sign legal documents on behalf of the Program.