Minor Requirements

The minor in Cognitive Science requires five courses, with at least two at the upper level: the foundational course, “Introduction to Cognitive Science”, a computational methods course, with the remaining three courses to be selected from a list of twelve, drawn from the contributing disciplines. At least two of these courses must be from disciplines outside the student’s major. Students intending to minor in Cognitive Science should consult with the program director to determine the best course plan for their needs and interests.

Minor Sequence:

  • The Foundational Course: COG 200, Introduction to Cognitive Science

  • A computational methods course

    • Psychology 212: Perception and Cognition*             

    • CS/Math 135: Computational Discrete Mathematics I

    • CS 138: Artificial Intelligence for Non-Majors*

    • Philosophy 102: Elementary Symbolic Logic

    • Psychology 227: Statistics

  • Three classes from the following, with at least two outside the student’s major:

    • Computer Science 138:  Artificial Intelligence for Non-Majors*

    • Computer Science 338: Artificial Intelligence

    • Computer Science 357: Models of Computing

    • Computer Science 362:  Computer Vision

    • Computer Science 365:  Computational Linguistics

    • Computer Science 367:  Robotics

    • Philosophy 311: Philosophy of Mind

    • Philosophy 340: Philosophy of Language

    • Phil/Math/CS 360: Topics in Logic

    • Psychology 212: Perception and Cognition*

    • Psychology 213: Neuroscience

    • Psychology 312: Experimental Research in Cognitive Psychology

    • Math 300: Mathematical Modeling

    • Math 311: Parallel Computing

    • Biology 407: Neurophysiology

    • Cognitive Science 380: Independent Study in Cognitive Science Special Topics classes and Independent Studies/Honors Projects in a variety of disciplines may be counted upon approval of the Cognitive Science Program Director.

*Computer Science 138 or Psychology 212 may be used to satisfy either requirement 2 or 3, but not both.