Kevin Sullivan

Faculty Photo

Professor of Religion

Chair of Religion Department

D.Phil., University of Oxford, 2003

Kevin Sullivan is a Professor and Chair of the Religion Department at Illinois Wesleyan University.

Professor Sullivan teaches classes on late Second Temple Judaism, the New Testament and Christian Origins, Apocryphal and Pseudepigraphal texts, as well as Christian History more generally.

Born and raised near Detroit, MI, Professor Sullivan did his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, and he holds graduate degrees from the University of Notre Dame (M.A., 1995), the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies (Dipl., 1996), the University of Michigan (M.A., 1998), and the University of Oxford (D. Phil., 2003).

Professor Sullivan is the author of one monograph entitled, Wrestling with Angels: A Study of the Relationship between Angels and Humans in the Ancient Jewish Literature and the New Testament (Brill, 2004). He co-published an article with his colleague, Dr. Terry Wilfong (University of Michigan), entitled, “The Reply of Jesus to King Abgar: A Coptic New Testament Apocryphon Reconsidered (P. Mich. Inv. 6213),” in The Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists. He is also the author of numerous book reviews for journals like the Catholic Biblical Quarterly and The Expository Times.

Professor Sullivan received the Catholic Biblical Association’s Fellowship Award, which he using to work on his next book entitled, Spreading the Word: The First Christian Missionaries. It will examine the challenges faced by early Christian missionaries, such as Paul, in travel and communication.

Professor Sullivan is currently a steering committee member on Society of Biblical Literature's Esotericism and Mysticism in Antiquity Group.  He is also a member of the Catholic Biblical Association of America and the International Association for Coptic Studies

Professor Sullivan's publications and presentations.