Double Major

Should you double major? This depends on your career goals, your interests, and the amount of time you have to devote to two majors. A double major is NOT necessary; GRS is one of the most well-rounded of the liberal arts fields. It works well in certain cases: Liz Myers, class of 2003, decided to double major in chemistry and GRS because of her love of both subjects and her special interest in working with archaeological materials (artifacts); her preparation led her to a graduate program in archaeological materials science at MIT. A double major in history and GRS is common for those considering museum studies or law; GRS and Religion is a typical combination for those students interested in graduate work in religious studies or divinity school.

Common majors to double with Greek and Roman Studies:






General Information on Double Majors (from the IWU Catalog)

Students with recognized needs and well defined goals may be granted permission to pursue majors in two separate fields. Application for a double major or double degree must be made before the beginning of a student’s senior year and must be accompanied by a positive recommendation from the head of the second department or school. The Associate Provost and the Registrar must approve the application and the proposed program of study.

The majors must be different in both title and substance. The majors’ curricula for either the double major or double degree may include a few courses which are common to both majors as long as the combination of course units in the two major areas equals the sum of the number of course units required by each individual major. If one, or both, of the majors is in the College of Liberal Arts this combination cannot exceed 14 course units in any one department and must be approved as stated above.

Double majors are feasible only in the College of Liberal Arts, wherein both majors must lead to the BA or both majors must lead to the BS. The University does not award two degrees within the College of Liberal Arts.

A student who has received one bachelor’s degree may receive a second bachelor’s degree, providing that all specified requirements for both degrees are fully met, and providing also that the curriculum for the second degree includes at least nine unique course units beyond the highest number required for either individual degree. Second degrees are allowed only if the degrees are from different colleges or different schools (e.g. BA in English and a BFA in Theatre Arts). Each degree (BA or BS, BFA, BM, BME, BSN) can be earned only once. A student may not earn both the BA and BS degree.