GRS ALUMNI: Where are they now?


Laura Arnold

Pastor at the Decorah United Church of Christ and is an Associate Minister for Theological Education at the SE Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Matthew Brown

MA in Latin and JD from UIUC. An Associate with Baker & McKenzie LLP in Chicago. His interests are labor and employment.

Ashlea Canaday

Is in the Rural Medical Education (RMED) Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Liz Myers Cooney

Works at a software company called Workday ( as a principal HCM consultant doing software implementation work.

Maria Duda

Graduated with her MS degree in Social Work at U Chicago. She is working at Whole Health Clinical Group in Milwaukee as a Case Manager.

Olivia Dunham

Completing an MA degree in Classical Archaeology at Florida State University, with full funding.

Logan Garthe

Is a student ath the SIU Medical School.

Tyler Gedvilas

Pursuing his MA in Clinical Psychology from Illinois State University, with the intention to earn his certification to work as a counselor.

Melissa Huang

Graduated with her MA in Classics from UIUC and is applying to the graduate program there in Library & Information Science.

Bonnie Brunkala Johnson

Graduated with a BS in Nursing and accepted a position starting in January 2017 pending boards in Cardiothoracic/Cardiovascular nursing. She writes: "There were only 3 of us liberal arts majors in the second degree program and we transitioned much more easily to the critical thinking that nursing requires than the science degrees.GRS for the win!"

Claire Jolicoeur

Received her MAT in Secondary Ed with a concentration in Latin in 2016 from National Louis University. She is currently teaching Latin for the 5th-8th grade at the Science and Arts Academy in DesPlaines, IL.

Aislinn Lowry-Gauchay

Program Director for the Great Lakes at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Amelia Luna

Is a travel consultant at Liberty Travel, Chicago.

Tim McDunn: 

BA in GRS, BM in Composition. Time writes, " The classics and everything I've learned from Professors Sultan, Coles, and Engen remain a profoundly enriching element of my life." He is currently living in Milan, affiliated with the Catholic University there. He composed a setting of canzone from Dante's Vita Nuova, and worked on a research project on the intonation and modal structure of 14th century music. That project inspired him to program a digital instrument based on the system on intonation he proposes was used by a music of that period. He will attend a Dante summer school in 2017 led by Catholic University, and begins work teaching Latin in English at a secondary school (liceo) there in September. "It's all very exciting. Life is a bit chaotic," he admists, " but it's better that way."

Ashley McGee

Works in the purchasing department at McMaster-Carr. It's an industrial supply company. Mostly works to maintain the proper inventory levels for the items with the most customer orders. It's a lot of math and Excel. She Writes, “My major in Greek & Roman Studies was the main thing every employee asked me about in all five of my interviews!”

Rachel Miller

Is pursuing a Master of Teaching Degree at UIC. She is also serving as a teaching assistant at a dual language elementary school, working mainly with the Spanish speaking kids.

Jessica Montgomerie

Works at the Univ. of Denver teaching English as Second Language to international students in an intensive language program. She also works with matriculated international students, doing academic advising and teaching a First Year Seminar Course.

Julie Pfaumer

Works at the Cairo Animal Hospital. Lives in Chicago.

Mark Rubin

An assistant professor of Neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ, recently said, in an email to Dr. Sultan, "I'm a former student (graduated in 2005) and Classics enthusiast whose Attic Greek is admittedly rusty but appreciates the daily relevance of my Greek & Roman Studies. From understanding medical jargon to poignant figures of speech to allegory for education (as below), it seems some nugget of my Classics education comes out on an essentially daily basis. For that, I thank you! I blog for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association and a recent assignment, a study basically focused on choosing between two potentially bad therapeutic paths (see below), reminded me of Odysseus' sailing past Scylla & Charybdis. The wanton use of my GRS education made me think a "thank you" was well past due!"

All These Years Later, it Still Seems Safer to “Hug the Scylla Side.”

Erica Rudie

Graduated in May 2012 and plans to attend law school in the fall and specialize in intellectual/cultural property.

Emily Susina

Does quality assurance at a software company in Madison, Wisconsin.

Kurt VanNess

Attends the University of Utah in pursuit of a Ph.D in Mathematics.

Mike Vasta

Completing his PhD in Ancient History at Indiana University and an Associate Instructor there. His special author is Sallust.

Kristin Zavislak

Works for Topco Associates in Chicago and does marketing and product/brand development in the food industry.