Dr. Laura Wieland

Class of 2002

After IWU?

Ph.D. (2002-2008) from Boston College with Dr. Amir Hoveyda
Post-doc (current) at Harvard Medical School with Dr. Jon Clardy

Where Now?

Cambridge, MA

Present occupation?

Postdoctoral Research Associate

For Fun?

I got into distance running in graduate school, and I really enjoy doing races.  My favorite alternative exercise is rock climbing with my husband - in the winter we go to a climbing gym, and in the summer we explore the outdoor climbing options in the area.  Less healthy (but still fun) activities mostly involve going out with friends - Boston and Cambridge have some really great bars and restaurants. 

Favorite IWU Chemistry Memory?

I have so many memories, from time spent in Dr. Mohan's lab, in study sessions with my classmates, picking up trash along the highway, coming up with activities for the travelling show, and in course labs and lectures.  The overall good feeling I have when I think of the IWU chemistry department really stems from the fact that we all got along so well. 

Favorite Quotation?

"I am as happy as I make up my mind to be, and my identity is not determined by my profession."  - my aunt, Rita Koss