About the Department

Chemistry is the science of change. By studying the basic properties of substances and the many transformations they undergo, the chemist finds solutions to scientific challenges and contributes to the development of new technologies. Discoveries in of new life saving drugs, solutions to environmental problems, new products to benefit consumers--all result from the work of chemists.

At Illinois Wesleyan University, your chemistry program will begin with a series of introductory courses designed to give you an understanding of the basic principles of the field. Then you'll select classes in specializing areas of interest, such as analytical, inorganic, organic, physical, and biochemistry – also an option for your major.

If you choose, you may take the course work necessary for certification by the American Chemical Society. You will also have ample opportunities to engage in research under the supervision of an IWU faculty.

In addition, you'll benefit from our university-wide emphasis on the liberal arts. Writing and discussion play an important part in every class, and you will come to understand, not just memorize, the concepts you need to know. You'll also take General Education courses from disciplines outside your major -- English, a foreign language, the fine arts, etc. -- allowing you to develop the diverse array of interests necessary for professional and personal success.