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From the Beginning

Chemistry is the science of change. By studying the basic properties of substances and the many transformations they undergo, the chemist finds solutions to scientific challenges and contributes to the development of new technologies. Discoveries in of new life saving drugs, solutions to environmental problems, new products to benefit consumers--all result from the work of chemists.

Biochemistry is the study of the physical and chemical mechanisms underlying biological systems. Together with your faculty advisor, our pre-health/biology career advisor will assist you in preparing for your future endeavors, whether you pursue research or a graduate/professional program. Biochemistry majors at Illinois Wesleyan have the opportunity to participate in hands-on research. In fact, 80% of our biochemistry majors participate in lab research before graduation. Past biochemistry majors have researched sickle cell anemia, worked on the translation of the living kidney donor list, presented their research at conferences and won awards. Their work has transcended the classroom and made a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Opportunities to Explore

The chemistry program at IWU offers solid preparation for anyone interested in employment as a chemist, admission to graduate programs, and admission to schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, veterinary medicine, optometry, and law.


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Careers & Internships

IWU students majoring in chemistry take part in engaging internships at a wide variety of organizations. Read more about what types of internships recent chemistry students have completed.

May Term

Recent May terms have taken students to Hawaii with the course "Biochemistry of Food: Hawaii". Other recent May Term courses have been Biochemistry of Fermentation: From Beverages to Biofuels, Medical Internships, and Chemistry Research/Independent Studies.

Student Research

All chemistry faculty at IWU are professionally active and are engaged in research with Illinois Wesleyan students. Learning is enhanced at Illinois Wesleyan by the quality, individualized instruction you'll receive from our faculty. Our faculty will work closely with you, in and outside of class, in lab, and in collaborative research.

Chem Club & American Chemical Society

The Chemistry Club aims to educate and excite students, faculty, and community members through activities such as demonstrations, faculty presentations, student research presentations, and community outreach. You also have the opportunity to take the course work necessary for certification by the American Chemical Society.


Our chemistry alumni are up to amazing things around the nation!

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