Dr. Perera's Research Group


     Current Students:

Nathan Hocker

Nathan Hocker ('15)
Major: Chemistry

Kevin Roenitz Kevin Roenitz Stirring

Kevin Roenitz ('15)
Major: Chemistry

Lydia Rudd

Lydia Rudd ('16)
Major: Biology

Spring 2014

Spring 2014 Research Group
Back row: Kevin Roenitz, Ben Lamm, Tim Borchardt, Danny Roadman
Front row: Jenny Prochotsky, Dr. Perera, Lydia Rudd, Nathan Hocker


Former Students:

Andy Sonneberger

Andy Sonnenberger ('13)
Major: Chemistry


Ben Lamm ('14) and Tim Borchardt ('14)

Justyna Koscielniak

Justyna Koscielniak ('13)
Major: Chemistry



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