Meet Joe Binder


AFTER IWU?  University of Wisconsin-Madison, where I completed my PhD in organic chemistry with Prof. Ronald Raines in 2009. I worked on developing organometallic catalysts for protein chemistry and on the chemical conversion of biomass into fuels and chemicals.

WHERE NOW?  Berkeley, California

PRESENT OCCUPATION  — I work for BP Biofuels at the Energy Biosciences Institute at UC-Berkeley.

My job includes both the expected - development of chemical processes for making biofuels - and the unexpected - studying the composition of bioenergy crops and influencing our decisions on crops and agricultural production systems. I never anticipated that my studies at IWU would lead me to tromping around cane fields in central Florida in the heat of the summer!

FOR FUN?  I ran cross country and track at IWU and have continued to enjoy competitive distance running since graduation, including races with my club teams and ultra marathons. I also enjoy hiking and being outdoors, particularly in California.

FAVORITE IWU CHEMISTRY MEMORY — Chemical demonstrations with the IWU ACS Student Affiliates, especially working with school children and making liquid nitrogen ice cream. Yum!

FAVORITE QUOTATION — "Pathetic.  That's what it is.  Pathetic." — Eeyore