Research at Illinois Wesleyan University

All chemistry faculty at IWU are professionally active and are engaged in research with Illinois Wesleyan students. Learning is enhanced at Illinois Wesleyan by the quality, individualized instruction you'll receive from our faculty. Our faculty will work closely with you, in and outside of class, in lab, and in collaborative research.

Students routinely present their research at various conferences. These include the Annual John Wesley Powell Research Conference and both Regional and National Meetings of the American Chemical Society.

Read examples of student research.

You do not need to be a chemistry major to do research. Please e-mail the faculty directly or stop by their office, should you be in interested in research options. It is advised that you contact faculty a semester prior to when you wish to begin research.

Research Area


Research Lab

Analytical  Chemistry

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Dr. Baur

Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Roesner

  Organic Synthesis/ Green Chemistry

Dr. Mohan

Bioorganic Chemistry

Dr. Brennan

Physical Chemistry

Dr. Rettich