Chemistry Department 2007 Awards Night



Freshman CRC Award
for outstanding performance in general chemistry

Jennifer Faust

Organic POLYED Award
for outstanding performance in organic chemistry

Kendall Tasche

Analytical Chemistry Award

Jenny Strobel

Lindsay Tasche

Advanced Organic Chemistry Book Award

Aaron Bailey
Erin Anderson

(not pictured)

Best TA
General Chemistry

Ashtyn Janovyak

Sarah Rusch

Best TA
Organic Chemistry

Joshua Lacey

Laura Peters

Russo Award . 
Given to chemistry major wishing to pursue career in medicine and must have achieved outstanding performance in chemistry

Justin Ernat

Brown Scholarship

Jay Christensen

Thievagt Scholarship

Jamie Rogers

ACS Peoria Award

Erin Anderson

MORTIMER AWARD .  Seniors select the outstanding senior for overall contribution to the dept.  The senior's name is put on a plaque, which can be found in the display cabinet.