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Writing Center tutoring

A student works with a tutor at The Writing Center

Tutors & Peer Advisors

Whether you’re seeking to improve your test scores, or simply to gain a deeper understanding of course material, a peer tutor can help. Many academic programs offer peer tutoring for a variety of topics and courses. If you don’t see your specific tutoring need addressed below, be sure to consult your course syllabus, professor, or advisor for further assistance.

The Writing Center

Located on the first floor of The Ames Library, The Writing Center helps students with all the stages of the writing process, from those first rough ideas through prewriting, collecting supporting material, drafting, and final editing and proofreading. Writing Center tutors are available to help you to improve your writing for courses in all subjects, as well as for co-curricular and pro-professional projects. There are also English as a Second Language tutors and Speech Tutors available through The Writing Center.

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Foreign Languages

The Language Resource Center, located on the main level of Buck Hall, provides peer tutors for all levels of French, Italian, German, Japanese, Latin, Greek, and Spanish.

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Academic Skills Series

If you are having difficulty with time management, note-taking, study strategies, or stress management, you can also take part in the Academic Skills Series or consult with the Office of Academic Advising.

Faculty/Staff Directory

Do you need a tutor for something else? Find your professor or advisor’s contact information and office hours here.