Academic Advising and Student Success

ODI students

At Illinois Wesleyan, we are committed to helping you to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Collaboration among faculty and staff in Academic Affairs and Student Affairs is the foundation supporting your learning across the curriculum and the co-currculum, and ensuring that the liberal education you pursue as a student is a foundation for lifelong learning. Titan Central brings together campus resources on tutoring options, academic advising, career options, health and wellness, and more.

If there is a resource that you need to help you succeed as an IWU student that you do not see here, let us know at:


Academic Advising Center

Hart Career Center


Language Resource Center

The Writing Center

More on Tutoring at Titan Central

Health and Wellness

Counseling and Consultation Services

Student Wellness

University Chaplain

Library and Information Technology

The Ames Library (Resources for Students)

Information Technology Services (Service Desk)

Additional Resources

International Student Services

Office of Diversity and Inclusion