Fellowships and Other Opportunities

entrepreneurship fellowship

Claudia Richman '19 launched 1890 Lacrosse with support from the IWU Entrepreneurial Fellowship

While the term "fellowship" may be applied to a number of different programs, including those related to graduate study, it may be understood most broadly to refer to substantive, short-term opportunities for education and/or professional development for students that have been sponsored by an organization in order to foster the next generation of leadership in a defined area of scholarship, creative activity, or professional practice.

Illinois Wesleyan University provides students with a number of fellowship opportunities on campus, in the local community, and through national and international programs, ranging in length from several weeks to multiple years. Among the programs available to current IWU students are:

In addition to these programs, IWU provides current students with access to a number of summer research,  internship, and professional development programs supporting experiences similar to those supported by these fellowships, including:

Finally, IWU faculty work actively with our students to identify post-baccalaureate scholarship and fellowship opportunities, including national and international programs such as Rhodes Scholarships, Fulbright Grants, Marshall Scholarships, and White House Fellowships, as well as opportunities offered by graduate programs in individual fields of study. For information on national and international post-baccalaureate fellowship programs, please review the information from the Hart Career Center and the Office of the Associate Provost. For information on fellowship opportunities for graduate study in your field, please contact your academic advisor(s).

The Office of the Associate Provost also provides this useful "4-Year Plan" for preparing successful applications for scholarships, fellowships, and grants.

The Center for Engaged Learning coordinates, promotes, and strengthens opportunities for students to identify and apply for selective fellowships and grants, both on campus and beyond, and works with faculty to identify and promote these opportunities to students.