Center for Engaged Learning

The Center for Engaged Learning is the central hub of programs in which students can enhance their undergraduate experience through learning beyond the classroom and/or seek assistance with developing your writing, presentation, and research skills. Explore opportunities for high quality, impactful, engaged learning experiences that are highly immersive, co-curricular educational opportunities. 

Student Success Stories - Meet some of our IWU students and alumni who have been engaged in a wide variety learning experiences. Make the most of your time here by exploring personal and professional interests, getting outside of your comfort zone, and being part of local and global communities

 Randi Wilson's Seed Library at the West Bloomington Revitalization Project.
Action Research Center

Not Your Average Wesleyan

The IWU Action Research Center is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of innovative ideas that transform communities. Since 2003, ARC has connected the campus and the community in meaningful ways that create impactful change and address pressing social justice issues.

If you have an idea, a challenge, an opportunity, or a road block, ARC is a place to explore solutions and action plans.

Hart Career Center - Internships 

Explore the Possibilities!

  • Explore possibilities of future careers
  • Gain valuable skills and career-related experience
  • Apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations
  • Establish professional contacts and begin networking
  • Possibly earn money, academic credit or a future job offer

Student uses pen to point to place on paper while tutoring another student
Student Tutors & Peer Advisors

Whether you’re seeking to improve your test scores, or simply to gain a deeper understanding of course material, a peer tutor can help. Many academic programs offer peer tutoring for a variety of topics and courses. If you don’t see your specific tutoring need addressed below, be sure to consult your course syllabus, professor, and advisor for further assistance.

Study Abroad

We know that when students experience other cultures, doors to self-realization open to an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen.

The International Office supports this commitment by helping students to study abroad, whether it is for a single semester, a summer term, or a full year. IWU students have the opportunity to study in hundreds of locations in almost every region of the world.

Beatrice Koka '16 with Chair and Professor of Chemistry Becky Roesner

Undergraduate Research

Our students have the opportunity to do original research at the undergraduate level, collaborating with faculty who are at the top of their fields.

Because Illinois Wesleyan is an entirely undergraduate institution, students are offered research and creative opportunities without competition from graduate students. Check out some of the work that has resulted from faculty mentorship of students in the IWU Digital Commons.