Practice Interview Program

A. What is the Practice Interview Program?

An opportunity for students to “practice” their interviewing skills. Professionals in the human resource field volunteer their time and expertise to interview IWU students in a “practice” session.

B. How do I sign-up?

 Set up your Handshake  account, upload your resume, and follow the instructions to search for a practice interview that best fits your schedule.

C. How do I prepare for the practice interview?

Be familiar with your resume and review interview questions.

D. How is the practice interview conducted?

The interviewer will spend approximately forty minutes with each student. The first thirty minutes will be the actual interview while the last ten minutes will be reserved for feedback from the interviewer. All practice interviews are held at the Hart Career Center.

E. How will I be evaluated?

Each student will be evaluated on a variety of factors including personal appearance, self-confidence, enthusiasm, and ability to articulate their experiences. This interview may be videotaped so that you can review the interview yourself. The interviewer will give you feedback in the interview and complete an evaluation form that can be picked up the following day.

 If you need to cancel your mock interview, you must do so by 4:00 p.m. two business days prior to the interview date. Failure to do so will result in deactivation of your Handshake privileges.

For additional information about the Practice Interview Program, contact the Career Center at 309-556-3071.