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Brand Yourself on LinkedIn: A Professional Networking Site

Who Uses LinkedIn?

Over 200 million professionals in over 200 countries. LinkedIn adds over two new users per second! More than 2 million companies have LinkedIn pages and executives from every Fortune 500 firm are members. Millions of students use LinkedIn and most college and university alumni groups are represented including Illinois Wesleyan University.

By using LinkedIn, every call is a “warm call,” not a “cold call.”

LinkedIn helps students to help themselves by:

1. Building a professional online presence
2. Connecting in a meaningful way with alumni and other “warm” contacts
3. Researching companies and career paths
4. Finding opportunities with organizations that don’t recruit on campus
5. Learning lifelong networking skills

The 5 Golden Rules of Student LinkedIn Profiles

1. Professional photo of you alone
2. Headline with area of study and/or career ambitions
3. Keyword-rich summary that includes type of positions you are seeking
4. Include volunteer activities, internships and extra-curriculars
5. Recommendations from professors, advisors, internship supervisors

Visit the LinkedIn Learning Center to learn more and watch quick training videos:

Visit the LinkedIn Learning Center or see a Career Center staff member if you need assistance setting up your LinkedIn profile at LinkedIn.com.

Think you don’t know anyone. Think again. Consider connecting to the following individuals…

LinkedIn Networking Etiquette Tips for Students

I am a junior at Illinois Wesleyan University. In reading your LinkedIn profile, I discovered
that you graduated recently from Illinois Wesleyan and have had a number of international
assignments. Your career path looks really exciting. Could we set up a time to discuss what
it takes to be successful outside the U.S. and what I should be doing in school to prepare for
working abroad? I would be grateful for any advice that you’d be willing to provide. Thank you
for considering my request.
Yolanda Smith

Linkedin Jobs

Linkedin Jobs is an updated resource that students and job-seekers can use to research and find career opportunities and internships with companies of interest!  This resource is free to students and can be found at Linkedin Jobs.  You must have a Linkedin account to utilize this resource!

Linkedin Higher Education/Student Resource Materials

Linkedin also offers an amazing library of higher education and student resources material.  Learn how to network with graduate school and employers alike with all the videos and presentation materials provided by Linkedin!  Click Here to access the Linkedin Higher Education resources!