Hart Career Center

Interviewing Success

Stand above other applicants — Be prepared!

Review this Interview Checklist and follow these steps for success.

Step 1: Research the Company

Know the company or organization well! Use online resources on the Career Center website, jobhuntersbible.com/research, and Google news to find out:

Additional Sources of Information:

Step 2: Know Yourself

What skills and qualifications do you possess that the employer needs? What personal qualities and skills make you a strong candidate? Create an inventory of your skills.

Major Skills:

• Computer/Technical    • Communication         • Accounting/Bookkeeping
• Analytical/Research    • Organization             • Management/Leadership
• Marketing                   • Financial                  • Teaching/Training
• Administrative             • Selling                     • Helping/Counseling
• Creative


Step 3: Prepare to Make a Positive Impression: Clothing and Accessories

Clothing - Conservative is best.
        Men: A two-piece gray, black or dark blue suit with a white or pale long-sleeved dress shirt and matching tie.
        Women: A tailored suit in a conservative color, such as tan, gray, burgundy, black, or dark blue.

Jewelry - Simple and conservative, no nose, eyebrow, lip rings. For women, avoid anything that dangles. For men, no bracelets, earrings, or large rings.

Cologne - Your best bet is something subtle or nothing at all.

Portfolio - Bring one to hold your resume and your list of questions, and paper to take notes

Cell Phone - Leave it in your car. Really.

Clothing cannot compensate for poor qualifications, but don’t let your grooming and dress work against you when your professional image can be an asset.

After the Interview: Professional Follow-Up

Send each person with whom you interviewed a formal thank you letter within 24 hours. Individualize each letter to the person. Include:

Example Thank You Letter

If you accept a position, it is a good idea to confirm you’re acceptance in writing (Example acceptance letter). Additionally, accepting a job offer ethically obligates you to cease job search efforts and to withdraw your candidacy from other organizations (Career Center Ethical Guidelines). A courteous phone call followed by a professional letter is most appropriate (Example withdrawal letter).