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Affiliated Programs

Interested in spending a semester in Chicago, Washington D.C., or New York City?  Learn more about three programs IWU has approved for student participation in the fall and spring semesters!


Chicago Program - Associated Colleges of the Midwest


The ACM Chicago Program engages students academically, professionally, and personally.  The primary areas of emphasis in the program are ArtsEntrepreneurship, and Urban Studies – students have the opportunity to explore one of these topics in depth, or participate in classwork and projects across these disciplines.  The program offers an innovative mix of academic work, including an internship, independent study project, common core course about the city of Chicago, and a variety of seminars focused on the arts and creativity, innovation and entrepreneur-ship, and urban studies and social justice.  Program available only in the fall & spring semesters.


Washington Semester Program – American University


The Washington Semester Program was designed to bring students to the nation's capital to study government through first-hand experience and contact with political, business, and community leaders. Throughout its 50-year history, the program has blended the traditional academic environment with experiential learning. It offers students an opportunity to live, work, and learn in Washington, D.C. The program involves: an educational seminar, an internship, and a research project or elective class. Students choose a program of interest from 10 options (ranging from Journalism or Foreign Policy to American Politics or International Environment & Development). Some programs include a study abroad component.  The complete program is offered in fall and spring with the internship component offered in summer.

▷ Meet Elizabeth McMahon '96, Washington Semester Program alumna

▷ Q&A with Diane Lowenthal, associate dean of Academic Programs at American University


Marist in Manhattan Program – Marist College


Get the practical experience you need to succeed in the exciting world of art, fashion, or media. Marist in Manhattan combines a residential stay and a full-time credit-bearing internship with some of the industry’s top companies, complemented by group activities, lectures, networking opportunities, and all that the City has to offer.  The main focus of this program is an internship with a major media company or organization. Students are also required to enroll in two online courses during the semester. As the media capital of the world, New York provides exciting internship opportunities, including: Television shows, Public Relations Agencies, Network News, Sports Shows & Teams, and Magazines.  This program is only available in fall and spring semesters.