Hart Career Center

Welcome Parents!

The Hart Career Center is dedicated to assisting students with their career goals.  

The Hart Career Center provides 4 main areas of support for students at IWU:


We know that families play a large role in influencing a student’s career decision-making, positive adjustment to college, development of self-confidence and autonomy. We are excited to partner with you as your student decides on a career path to follow.

What can you do to support your child?

As a parent, spend time talking and listening:
from our experience, Successful students tend to:
  1. Get “Practical!” - Participate in career relevant experiences like internships, job shadowing, volunteering, and leadership roles.

  2. Visit the Career Center for assistance

  3. Take advantage of networking opportunities

  4. Practice and develop interviewing skills

Learn more with Parent Resources from NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers)

How can you help support other Illinois Wesleyan students?

Ways to help:

Offer Information – Parents, alumni and volunteers can assist with their career development by offering to:

Offer an Internship – We are always looking to add to our database of opportunities!

Recruit for a job – If you or your place of employment would be interested in hiring IWU students after graduation, we’d love to help with our campus interview program and job posting service.