Freeman Asia Student Experiences

Business, Travel, Art

Mizuno Corporation, Japan

  • Sean O'Carroll and Sara Dust share their experience interning in the Global Footwear Product Division and Corporate Communications.

Human Nature, Philippines 

Make-a-Difference Travel, Philippines

  • Leah Carter (Environmental Intern), Quentin Jackson (Business Administration Intern), and Emma Darragh (Marketing Intern) highlight their accomplishments from interning with Make-a-Difference Travel.
  • Kasie Floden and Savanna Steck share photos from their time in the Philippines with Make-a-Difference Travel.

Shiro Oni Studio, Japan

  • Monica and Lizette explain their internships with Shiro Oni Stuio - where they maintained the Artist Residency's social media and website presence, redesigned guide books, and taught taiko drum. 
  • Nathan Addis and Elisabeth Williams enjoyed assisting artists, taking photos and videos, and updating Shiro Oni Studio's Facebook, Instagram, and website. 
  • Chase Bandolik and Christina Fitsalos took full advantage of their time in Japan by participating in a Zen Meditation Workshop, learning the history of the tea ceremony, painted and drew with elementary school kids, and making their own tofu -- all of this in addition to their internship responsibilities! 

So Easy, Japan


St. Scholastia's College, Philippines

Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Akita International University, Japan  

Kanda University, Japan

Technos College, Japan

Yonsei University, South Korea

Koding Kingdom

Aoyama Gakuin University

  • Danielle Ponsot, Caleb Hansen, and Dareana Roy helped teachers in elementary school, middle school, and high school classrooms, as well as guiding English conversation for the University students and teaching them about American culture. 


International Rice Research Institute, Philippines 

Government Agency

Food and Nutrition Research Institute, DOST, Philippines

  • Kathryn Hoffacker, McKenzie Lindquist, Mimi Nguyen, and Marcia Rolofson interned in the Nutrition Assessment and Monitoring Division and conducted fieldwork in the Philippines through this opportunity. 
  • Sean Ly used his blog to reflect on how much he's grown and learned through his internship in the Knowledge Diffusion division.
  • Anaol Dalle and Michael O'Neill share about the culture, challenges, and work they did in the Philippines.   
  • Randi Wilson & Ross Hettinger wrote 32 info bits and 2 press releases, worked to develop educational materials for teachers, and traveled to expos and business fairs as interns in the Knowledge Diffusion arm of FNRI. 

Non-Government Organization

Second Harvest, Japan

World Friendship Center, Japan

  • Natalie Kuca and Jovana Milosevic took away life-changing moments and lessons after interning at WFC.
  • While working at the World Friendship Center, Ziyao (Mirabelle) Chen learned about what brings people to WFC and Hiroshima, and what helped the victims of the A-bomb to get through the hardest time and to regain hope. 
  • Josie Blumberg and Lindsey Peters  assisted with English classes, prepped guestrooms, and visited the nursing home -- all while also researching Global Environmental Sustainability and Asian Development Spring 2017 and Public Opinion Regarding Nuclear Power.

Friends of Earth, Japan

  • As an intern at Friends of the Earth (an environmental, non-governmental organization), Ruihan Li assisted the staff, translated documents, and focused on the nuclear project. 

EarthRights International, Thailand

  • At EarthRights International, Tera Wilson and Eva Nautiyal led and supported English classes, developed lesson plans, completed a graphic design project, conducted advocacy research, and conducted cultural research. 

Mission for Migrant Workers, Hong Kong

  • While interning at Mission for Migrant Workers, Adna Mujović and Shaela Phillips recorded detailed chronologies of clients' situations, wrote letters to the Immigration Department/Labour Department, computed monetary claims, took statements, and accompanied clients to hearings at the Labour Tribunal. 
  • Filip Duda and Sydney Rowley volunteered a major outreach events, facilitated home safety, first aid, and elderly care training sessions, completed case work, and so much more as interns at Mission for Migrant Workers. 
  • Olivia Heffernan shared photos of her time as an intern at Mission for Migrant Workers. 

Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, Philippines

Mekong Migration Network, Thailand

  • Amber Gauthier and Haila Hassan worked on The Roles of Country of Origin Project and Social Economic Zones & Garment Industry Research Project while interning at Mekong Migration Network.