Posting Jobs and Internships on the Illinois Wesleyan Network

The Hart Career Center uses Handshakean online recruiting system,   to manage internship and job postings.  

New users must first register with the Hart Career Center by creating a Handshake account. Registered employers are able to post jobs and internships for Illinois Wesleyan University students and alumni.

  • To get started, access Handshake to create an account or login to our system.
  • Need assistance with the process? Contact Patrick Zajac, Career Technology and Recruitment Specialist, at (309) 556-3095 or

CCCI- College Career Consortium of Illinois

The College Career Consortium of Illinois (CCCI) provides an additional resource for employers to publicize their job and internship opportunities. Through this network, position announcements are accessible to students and alumni of the 25 member colleges and universities.

Click here to register with the CCCI Online Career Center. Once registered, you will be able to post jobs and review resumes.