Employer Services

Recruitment Options

Posting Jobs and Internships
  • The Career Center is using Handshake to coordinate our on-campus recruitment program including scheduling interviews and posting job/internship announcements.
  • Employers may establish a Handshake account free of charge. Through this account you may promote your organization through an online profile, post job and internship announcements, and schedule on campus interviews. Click on Handshake or Contact Patrick Zajac, Recruitment Coordinator, at (309) 556-3095 to establish your account.
  • Visit our How to Post Jobs/Internships page for more detailed information on how to sign up and how to post.
On-Campus Recruitment
  • On-Campus interviews can be scheduled Monday through Friday during the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Both open or pre-select interview arrangements can be accommodated. Our office will publicize your visit and the position(s) for which you will be interviewing.
  • With an open schedule, interested students may sign up for an interview. With a pre-select schedule, interested students may submit resumes. These resumes will be forwarded to you for pre-screening. When you notify us of your selections, those students will be contacted to schedule interview times. You may make your selections online using your Handshake  account or contact us with the names of the students you wish to interview.
  • After calling our office to arrange for an interview date, please complete and return the recruitment form (which will be sent or faxed to you), no later than one week prior to your interview date.
  • Our Recruitment Coordinator, Patrick Zajac, will email your schedule one day prior to your campus visit. Via Handshake, we will forward resumes. You can make your selections online, or you may contact our office with your selections.
College Career Consortium of Illinois (CCCI)
  • IWU is a member of the College Career Consortium of Illinois (CCCI) - a consortium of 28 colleges and universities with a collective enrollment of over 56,000 students. Within its membership are outstanding schools which are recognized as providing stellar academic and experiential programs. Participation in consortium interviewing (ISCPA Interviews) offers employers the chance to meet the best candidates each college has to offer in one convenient location.
  • Employers may post vacancies by creating an account at the CCCI website by entering the Employers section from the home page, then filling out the form.

Luncheon Arrangements

We hope that you will be able to join us for lunch during your visit. Should you wish to have faculty from certain departments join us as well, please indicate this on the recruitment form you complete. We will coordinate the arrangements.


The Career Center will advertise your recruiting visit in a number of ways to our students before your interview date. In addition, you may wish to advertise in our weekly student newspaper, the Argus. Call (309) 556-3117 to advertise your visit.