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COVID-19 Resources & FAQs

Illinois Wesleyan University and the Hart Career Center are committed to the health and safety of all students, alumni, faculty, staff, and employers. As we navigate this COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage you to use our services as you pursue opportunities and need assistance.

Please visit iwu.edu/covid19 for university updates regarding COVID-19.

Hart Career Center Services

Hart Career Center staff can assist you in a variety of areas. Our main services include the following below.

How can I make an appointment with a Hart Career Center staff member?

Please log on to Handshake to schedule an appointment. You can select the topic you would like to meet about. In the appointment medium option, it will allow you to select email, phone, or video call. No in-person appointments will be available at this time. Under What can we help you with?, please include your phone number in the message, so that we can communicate with you at the time of appointment. If you choose the phone option, the staff member you have selected will call you at the designated time. If you select video call, the staff member will create a Google Meet invitation and send it to you. You may also email our office at ccenter@iwu.edu to connect with a staff member. A list of Hart Career Center staff is available here. 

Companies Still Hiring

While this is an uncertain time with the economy and hiring, employers do still have open positions. We have included lists below on companies that are actively hiring during this time. Please research these companies and view open opportunities on their company websites. Organizations are still posting opportunities on Handshake so please create your account if you have not already done so. 



Handshake is your one-stop source for job and internship postings, career center resources, and to connect with employers and recruiters. Employers post positions to IWU and you can apply directly through the system. Employers will also be posting virtual career events on Handshake. It is important that you create your Handshake account if you have not already done so. As mentioned above, you can also schedule an appointment with a Hart Career Center staff member through Handshake. If you have any questions on the system, please schedule an appointment with our office and visit our website

How do I create my Handshake account?

If you have never accessed Handshake, you can do so here, using your IWU NetID and password. Follow the prompts to complete your initial account log-in. To schedule an appointment, click on Career Center on the top menu and select the appointments option on the following screen.

Pre-Health Update

Information about professional healthcare programs - applications, testing, requirements, etc. - continues to evolve due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Links to some of the latest resources and updates can be found here:  



If my internship or research experience was cancelled, should I include the experience on my resume?  

Please check individual program websites as well.   

If you have additional questions, contact Michele Darnell, Pre-health advisor, at   mdarnell@iwu.edu . You can schedule an appointment with Michele through your Handshake account here or calling our office at 309-556-3095. Please also visit here on more information information on pre-health advising. 

Internship/Job Search 

What if I have an internship or job offer but I am concerned it will be cancelled? 

Companies are evaluating their hiring needs as this an evolving situation. Please reach out to your recruiting contact at the company and inquire about your status. You can also ask if they need any assistance right now where you can assist with some tasks remotely. 

What if my internship or job offer has gotten rescinded due to COVID-19?

Companies are still actively hiring. Please see the list at the top of the email. We encourage you to set up an appointment with a member of the Hart Career Center to go over additional opportunities. 

If my internship or research experience was cancelled, should I include the experience on my resume?

Remote Work

What is a remote opportunity?

A remote opportunity provides the chance to gain career relevant experience with an organization where on-site work is limited or not required. This experience can take multiple forms including, but not limited to, remote internships, project based experiences also called micro-internships, gig work, etc. These remote experiences are great opportunities to gain valuable work experience, explore career interests, and further develop skills that can be useful in your career.  

How to find remote experiences

Resources on how to find and secure remote opportunities?

Finding and securing a remote experience in a number of ways mirrors the normal job search process. Of course, these are not normal times and being able to find some of these remote experiences may involve searching in other than popular job sites. Here are some tips to keep in mind when searching for opportunities:

  1. Keep your resume updated 
  2. Create and complete profiles on the sites that you are applying to
    1. e.g. Handshake, LinkedIn, Parker Dewey
  3. Look at the experiences you are applying to and evaluate the benefits
    1. Not every experience is equal, so check carefully
  4. Be prepared for virtual interviewing to secure the position (practice virtual interviewing)
    1. Please check out   Big Interview , an online tool to help prepare for virtual interviews

Resources for searching

Maximize your Summer: Online Certifications

We encourage you to explore online certifications this summer. You can put on your resume, "certified in the area," and you can grow your knowledge of valuable skills sought by employers. For example, a strong knowledge of Excel and analytics are important in many fields. This would show employers that you were proactive and make the best out of a challenging situation. To start off, brainstorm what tangible and intangible skills you posses. Then, review job descriptions in your field of interest and determine what skills employers are seeking in candidates. From there, determine what skills you would like to improve on and pursue a certificaiton in that area. 

You can do these at your own pace and the programs are typically holding sales on the courses. I included some possible certifications below on common skills relevant to various industries. You should also explore certifications specific to your field of interest. 

Excel Crash Course  
Udemy Excel:  https://www.udemy.com/course/microsoft-excel-2013-from-beginner-to-advanced-and-beyond/ 
Google Analytics: https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/
Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/  
Coursera: https://www.coursera.org/
Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/  
LinkedIn Learning: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/  
Hub Spot: https://academy.hubspot.com/certification-overview
Salesforce: salesforce.org

Resume/Cover Letter

What should I do if I am just starting my resume and cover letter or need it reviewed? 

We have sample resumes, cover letters and other tip sheets in our online Handshake resource library here

Please feel free to schedule an appointment with a Hart Career Center staff member. We are happy to help you start your documents or review a copy you have finished. 

Digital/Phone Interviews

How can I prepare for a digital or phone interview? 

You can use our online resource, Big Interview, to record yourself answering industry specific questions. You can create a free account. We also have interview resources in our Handshake resource library here. A Hart Career Center staff would also be happy to take you through a practice phone or virtual interview (schedule an appointment). 

Other Online Resources

You can view all of the Hart Career Center online resources here. There are many sites on this page from career assessments, job/internships databases, and more. They are all free to you as an IWU student!

Virtual Events

Since the campus is closed due to COVID-19, Hart Career Center events will be held remotely using online technology. Please contact Patrick Zajac, Career Technology & Recruitment Specialist, at  pzajac@iwu.edu  for the log-in information of all of our virtual programming. More information on IWU's virtual events is located at https://www.iwu.edu/student-involvement/virtual-opportunities.html


Event Time/Location
March 30 Job/Internship Workshop: COVID-19 6 pm CST, Google Meet
April 1 Job Internship Workshop: COVID-19 11 am CST, Google Meet
April 3  Titan Career Chat: Environmental and Social Impact Consulting Careers  -- John Haugen ‘06, Co- Founder of Third Partners 11 am CST, Google Meet
April 7  Titan Career Chat: Careers in Public Health/ COVID-19 & the Response -- Matt Roberts '01, Asst. Vice President with IPRO 6:30 pm CST, Google Meet
April 8 Careers in Advertising with Starcom 11 am CST, Skype
April 20  Learn More about Optometry and Owning a Healthcare Practice 12 pm CST, Google Meet
April 20 Titan Career Chat: Book Publishing 101 (and other things you can do with a liberal arts degree) -- Todd Stocke '93, Senior Vice President with Sourcebooks 6:30 pm CST, Zoom 
April 21 Osteopathic Medicine Information Session: Midwestern University  12 pm CST, Google Meet
April 21
Pursuing Healthcare Professional School through the US Military
12 pm CST, Google Meet
April 22 Virtual Practice Interviews with LaSalle Network  1-4 pm CST, Zoom
April 30 Rush Medical College: Jill Volk '87, Director of Recruitment & Admissions 12:15 pm CST, Google Meet
May 1 The Role of a Genetic Counselor with Caitlin Mann '12 12 pm CST, Google Meet
May 21 Maximizing your Summer: Jobs, Internships, Networking & More  6:30 pm CST, Google Meet
May 26 Titan Career Chat: Economics Consulting/Applying Economics and Data Analysis to Front-Page Legal Issues  -- Todd Kumler '07, Senior Manager with Cornerstone Research 6:30 pm CST, Google Meet
June 9  A Career in National Security...Even for Scientists! -- Kevin Latman '06 6:30 pm CST, Google Meet

Employers will also be hosting virtual information sessions and other programs. View more information on employer and Hart Career Center events through your  Handshake account. Please visit http://iwu.edu/career-center/handshake to create your Handshake account.