Job Searching Tips

Job Searching Tips

Craft a well-written resume that will catch an employer's attention.

  • With employers viewing a large number of resumes, try to make yours stand out from the crowd.

  • Take chances and try different types of resumes!  Employers are often swimming in a variety of plain gray resumes.  Try to look at creative examples in various publications to get new ideas.

Make sure your cover letters are equally well-written and personalized.

  • Have the contact name within each organization and direct your letter to that individual.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the organization acquired from advance research.

  • Effectively convey what you can do for that organization.

  • For cover letter assistance, look in the Steps to Success guide, drop by the Hart Career Center or click here!

Do the necessary follow-up after mailing your resume.

  • Be sure to provide any supplemental materials requested (ie: transcript, reference list, Letters of Recommendation).

  • Make a telephone call several days later to verify that your materials were received.  Take this opportunity to express your continued interest in the position.

Do advance research on every organization you interview with.

  • Know that company inside and out -- If you have a contact within the company, pump them for information!  Or use online resources to investigate recent articles or other information on the company.


  • It may sound like an over-used term today, but it works.  Most jobs today are secured through network contacts.

  • Communicate with every professional you know and become active in clubs and organizations geared towards your profession of choice.

Attend Job Fairs.

  • Job Fairs provide a great avenue to make initial contacts with a large number of company representatives.

  • Secure the business card of each individual you talk with.

  • Follow these contacts up immediately with a thank you letter requesting an interview.

Practice Interviewing.

  • Polish your interviewing skills through workshops and practice interviews.

  • Visit the Hart Career Center to research interview questions, etiquette, and other interviewing strategies.

Stay Sharp.

  • Devour news, major newspapers, and any business-oriented publications which may carry relevant information.

  • Read every item with the mindset: "What does this mean in terms of a job opportunity?"


For more job searching tips, and other career assistance, visit the Hart Career Center and talk to our staff, or give us a call at (309) 556-3071.