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A service of New England Conservatory's (NEC) Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department,Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection provides online access to 3,000 opportunities in music and arts administration. Our subscribers are taking their careers to the next level by connecting with the auditions, teaching positions, administrative positions, competitions, grants, scholarships, and festivals they find posted here fresh each day.


Furthermore, NEC has provided a large database with everything a Musician needs to know; from resumes to DIY radio advertisement.  Check out all these great resources in the buttons below:

To Access Bridge:

1) Click Here or one of the Bridge Picture Links

2) Login under "Opportunity Seekers"
  - Username: IllinoisWesleyanUniversity
  - Password: HCCStudent

3) Once you are logged in, Click "Cancel" DO NOT CHANGE THE PASSWORD!

4) Click the "Opportunities" drop-down menu.


A Musicians Resume Guide


Full NEC Guide


Marketing Yourself Effectively


Going Out On Your Own



Making Sure You're Within The Law