Campus Safety

Parking Rules & Regulations


Parking rules and regulations are in place to maintain order on campus and ensure the safety of all members of the University community. It should be noted, however, that at certain times parking on campus is limited and a permit does not guarantee availability of a parking space. Your cooperation and adherence to the rules is appreciated by all who work, learn and live at Illinois Wesleyan University.




The Office of Campus Safety will issue tickets for all violations occurring on University property.

Violations are written for:

  1. Failure to Register Vehicle or Display Decal. The fine for this violation will be waived if the vehicle is registered within 96 hours of the first ticket. Cars issued four tickets or more for this offense can be towed without further notice. 
  2. Parking in a Faculty/Staff Lot.
  3. Parking in a restricted area. (i.e. overtime parking, visitor's space, maintenance only, etc.)
  4. Improper parking.
  5. No parking zone.
  6. Parking in a fire lane.
  7. Parking in a Handicap Space. The fine is as posted. 
  8. Warning: Eligible to be towed. (Posted at the entrance to lot or vehicle has been issued four or more tickets for failure to register.)

Parking Lots

All Faculty/Staff parking lots on campus are posted at the entrance to the lot as to their usage. Please observe all “No Parking”, “Visitor Only”, “Delivery and Service Vehicle Only”, “Handicapped”, or any other specially marked parking signs. Only park in a striped parking spot. 


Designated Student Parking Lots

Designated Faculty/Staff Lots

Designated Faculty/Staff/ Visitor/ Commuter Student Parking Lots

Parking Information