Transforming Lives Campaign Adds 28 New Scholarships in 2013

Newly Established Scholarships 2012-13

Named scholarships bear the names of donors or honorees

• Alpha TKE Scholarship Fund

• Professor Susan Anderson-Freed Endowed Scholarship Fund

Gloria J. Barschdorf ’67 Scholarship Fund (Read More)

• Jacquelyn J. Bliss ’99 Scholarship Fund

• Thomas Burmeister ’66 and Ainsley Clement Scholarship Fund

• Frederick and Mary Freundt Endowed Scholarship Fund

• Professor Robert W. Harrington Endowed Scholarship Fund

• Richard B. Hishman Endowed Music Scholarship Fund

• Mark D. Johnson ’92 Scholarship Fund

• Frank B. and Alice Y. Jordan Endowed Scholarship Fund

• Betty O. Marshall and Steven J. Wannemacher Theatre Scholarship Fund

• Robert K. Page ’79 Endowed Scholarship Fund

• Betty Ritchie-Birrer ’47 Scholarship

• Lawrence Neff Stout Scholarship for Excellence in Mathematics

• Yenerich-Pedigo-Phoenix Endowed Scholarship Fund for the School of Music

Giving Circles are scholarships funded by classmates, friends or groups

• Acacia 915 Giving Circle Scholarship

• Jack C. Fields Alumni Club Giving Circle

• Mighty Proud: Phi Gamma Delta Giving Circle

• Professor Susan Anderson-Freed Memorial Scholarship

Promise Grants help fill the “gap” making a Wesleyan education attainable

• Patricia M. Armstrong ’70 Promise Scholarship

• Michael and Karen Buoscio Promise Scholarship

• Saundra DeAthos Promise Scholarship in Music

• Professor Robert W. Harrington Endowed Promise Scholarship Fund

Samuel Porritt, III ’84 Annual Promise Scholarship Fund (Read More)

Dr. and Mrs. William Reed Promise Scholarship (Read More)

• Dr. Brent Smith ’84 Promise Grant

• Dr. Michael D. Sombeck ’83 Promise Grant

Each year of Illinois Wesleyan's Transforming Lives campaign has attracted more support for student scholarships than the previous year, and 2013 was no exception, with the addition of 28 new scholarships, including eight new Promise Scholarships.

While the progress made over the first four years of the campaign has been a credit to the hundreds of alumni and friends who have established new student scholarships, the campaign’s final year will focus even more attention on the need to build scholarships, especially the Promise Scholarships that provide support to students with significant financial need.

President Richard F. Wilson is extending an invitation to all alumni and friends to consider funding a Promise Scholarship for students enrolling at Illinois Wesleyan next fall. The commitment would be $5,000 per year for four years for a total commitment of $20,000.

“I believe the Promise Scholarship Program that we announced at the outset of the campaign is critically important as we move into the final year,” said President Wilson. 

“By funding a Promise Scholarship, you would be creating a pathway for a talented student with limited means to become a Titan, thus sustaining an important value embraced by previous generations of alumni and friends.”

The annual Scholarship Benefactor Dinner, which brings together donors and scholarship recipients, this year was held during Homecoming week. More than 200 donors joined student scholarship recipients.

The dinner, which takes place in the Young Main Lounge of the Memorial Center, honors the nearly 250 scholarships and other awards that are named for alumni and friends of Illinois Wesleyan.

“We hold this annual dinner to recognize those alumni and friends whose generous support makes it possible for so many of our students to attend Illinois Wesleyan,” said President Wilson.

Among those introduced at the dinner were 11 of the 28 new scholarships and awards that were established in 2012-13. 

The tradition of naming scholarships dates back to 1893 when the Illinois Wesleyan Board of Trustees established named scholarships for those contributing $1,000 or more to the scholarship fund. In 1895, the first named scholarships were designated, honoring William W. Anderson of Taylorville and Martha Elzina Cameron of Greenville.