Students may  log on to the provider's website at any time at for the following:

  • Download a complete description of the Student Insurance Plan
  • Download a claim reporting form
  • Check the status of their claims
  • Print claim related information

The University believes it is very important for every student to have medical insurance. Therefore, participation in the group insurance program is required and is automatic unless an annual waiver is received by August 29th. The waiver  must include your present insurance carrier with the identifying policy number of a plan providing comparable coverage for the student.  Once waived, any change to the student’s health insurance coverage must be reported immediately to the Business Office. If the waiver is not received by the deadline of August 29th, the policy is issued and the cost is added to the student’s account.

NAFSA regulations require all International Students have mandatory health insurance provided by the University.

Policy stipulations and exact conditions of coverage are sent to each student and his or her parents along with other University financial information.

If additional  information is needed regarding the sickness and accident insurance program please contact  Arnold Health Service.

Arnold Health Service
Illinois Wesleyan University
P.O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL

The University provides, at no cost to the student, special athletic injury insurance for all students participating in intercollegiate athletics. This insurance has a deductible which is the limit of the student accident plan.