Student Accounts FAQ

Where do I send my payment? 

If paying by check, please include student name and IWU ID # on check. Make checks payable to Illinois Wesleyan University and mail to:

Illinois Wesleyan University
Business Office
P.O. Box 2900
Bloomington, IL. 61702

May I pay my bill monthly? Yes, there are two Payment Plans from which to select. You may select the 2 Payment Plan option (1 each term) or the 10 Payment Plan option (5 each term).

Do you charge a fee for the 10 month payment plan? There is no fee charged for electing the 10 month payment option (5 each term).

Are there any discounts for paying my bill in full? There are no discounts for paying your bill in full. You may choose to do so at any time.

When are my payments due? Payments are always due on or before the 30th of the month.


Is there a fee charged to pay with my credit card? Yes, there is a convenience fee  charged by the provider for this service. (convenience fee subject to change) The convenience fee is not charged nor collected by IWU.

How do I get my College Illinois Funds applied to my account?  First you must contact College Illinois and ask them to send the Business Office an Authorized Billing Sheet for your student. The Business Office will bill the State of Illinois for those funds after receiving the Authorization Form from College Illinois.  However, we can not bill the State until after our official date for students to drop a class.  After the drop date each term, we will submit a bill to the State and they in turn will send a check to the University.  Please note: payment is based upon the number of units your student is taking, therefore the amount may differ each term.  Please feel free to deduct the amount of your College Illinois from your Account Balance prior to calculating your payment.

What is the residence hall activity fee? A residence hall activity fee of $15.00 each term is charged to those living in University Residence Halls. These monies are used to fund Hall Council and Residential Life Staff programs throughout the year. These programs are designed to provide intentional social and educational opportunities for students living in the residence halls.

I am on the 2 payment plan (1 per term) and there are charges on my account after I paid for the term. Why? Until actual charges are placed on your account in September and January the amount due is a preliminary amount based on “Expected Charges/Credits” . Therefore additional fees/charges may appear on your account when actual charges replace the “Estimated Charges/Credits”. These may include: loan processing fees for Stafford and Parent Plus Loans, Course Packet Fees, Special Course Fees, etc. We try to include as many charges as possible in the preliminary bill.

What is the course packet fee? Students enrolled in a course which requires a packet of published materials in lieu of or in addition to a textbook, are charged for the cost of the packet. The University is abiding by copyright laws in supplying these publications.

Why am I being charged for student health insurance? If you did not go online to waive the insurance by the Aug 30th deadline, your student has been enrolled in the Student Health Insurance. After enrollment, the policy is issued and we cannot reverse these charges.

Why was a late fee placed on my account? The due date is the 30th of the month. The Payment Plan you selected will determine when late fees at the rate of 1% on the amount in arrears are placed on your account.

How much does May Term cost? Students who are enrolled full-time during both the Fall and Spring Term of the 2018-2019 academic year may enroll in a May Term course for an additional fee of $675.00. Some May Term courses may have additional class fees. For questions regarding May Term, please contact the May Term Office at 1-309-556-3751.

Is there a charge to take a May Term trip? Yes, there are charges associated with all of the May Term trips to cover the cost of the trip taken by the student. Costs vary by trip. For specific trip information, please contact the May Term Office at 1-309-556-3751.