The Business Administration Major

We believe preparation for a career in business requires study of a broad spectrum of topics, rather than narrow specialization in a single area.

Therefore, our students take a sequence of courses that cover all of the business fields: accounting, finance, management, marketing, business law, and strategy and policy.

This firm foundation in theory and its practice enables students to adapt to a changing workplace in the years following graduation.

Because the business administration major is so flexible, many students choose a second major or a minor to accompany it.

Study in business makes a great complement to study of a foreign language, politics, psychology, mathematics, English, history, the fine arts, or another field. 

Depth Within Disciplines

In an effort to provide depth of understanding in specific disciplines in business, we have designed tracks within the Business Administration major: Finance, Management, Marketing, and General Management Studies. 

Each track requires the completion of six core courses and four electives in the discipline. Three of those electives will be offered in the department and one will be taken in a department other than Business Administration. 

These track designations will appear on students' transcripts.