Illinois Wesleyan University’s Black Student Union is a cultural group striving to motivate and uplift minority students by constructing a more positive atmosphere for all. Amongst others, Black Student Union promotes success in all areas of minority students’ lives, and encourages students and Black Student Union members to support one another in those areas. Black Student Union has six main purposes in which it works towards accomplishing:

• To ensure that all African-American and other minority students are fairly treated and have the same rights and privileges as majority students at Illinois Wesleyan University.

• To educate the Illinois Wesleyan University Community about the culture and heritage of African-Americans.

• To work hand in hand with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Admissions to recruit and retain minority students. The Black Student Union hopes to increase the percentage of minority students attending Illinois Wesleyan University.

• To help Illinois Wesleyan University increase the number of minorities working as Illinois Wesleyan University administrators, faculty and staff members.

• To increase the membership of both majority and minority students in this organization.

• To promote togetherness and unity within the Illinois Wesleyan University’s African-American Community.

Brief History

The Black Student Union was established on the campus of Illinois Wesleyan University in 1968.

It was the year that several African American students met with the president of the university and demanded an increase in the enrollment and employment of African-American students and faculty.

From that initial act was born an organization that has expanded its role over the years.