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From Molecules to Ecosystems, IWU Biology Takes You Where You Want to Go
Ann Stroink '76
80% of our graduates are admitted to medical school vs. 50% nationally
Biology students internship
Internships are key to building experience
Sarah Lewis ('07) and Oluwakemi "Kemi" Onajin ('09) examine organisms found up to 1,000 meters below the ocean's surface
Undergraduate research with IWU faculty can be taken for course credit
Professor Lehr and his students at London program
Many choices for Study Abroad are available to IWU biology majors

Like the living things at its essence, the field of biology is dynamic, constantly growing, rapidly changing, and replete with new discoveries and advances.

Providing a solid foundation in modern biology equips our majors to take part in these discoveries. Our curriculum promotes a broad, integrated, and interdisciplinary understanding of biological systems, utilizing a curriculum that incorporates hands on learning experiences and inquiry based courses.

IWU biology students have the opportunity to conduct research with biology faculty, pursue internships and externships for course credit, and all of our majors have the opportunity to study abroad.

Biology students

Many of our majors are also Division III student athletes. Meet some of our student athletes.

Biology students from women lacrosse team

Many of our graduates pursue graduate or health related professional school after graduation. Biology faculty and our career advisor work together to ensure that our students are competitively prepared for admission.


Our graduates are well prepared for their futures, pursuing a variety of graduate studies and exciting careers.

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