Faculty Profile

Nisa Blackmon

Nisa Blackmon

General Biology Lab Coordinator


B.S., Biology, Oklahoma State University, 1989
M.S., Natural & Applied Sciences, Oklahoma State University, 1995
M.F.A., Metals, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2010


I am responsible for the coordination and instruction of the lab portion of the General Biology 101 and 102 courses. With the help of a cadre of talented undergraduate assistants, I strive to make General Biology lab a place where we can supplement, expand upon and investigate selected topics from the lecture portion of the course. Our greatest focus is on introducing students to the process of doing experimental research and giving them multiple opportunities to design and conduct their own experiments, as well as analyze and present the results. General Biology labs also provide students with hands-on exploration of processes and organisms addressed in lecture, lots of dissection, and we put ecological and evolutionary theories to work in a variety of interactive activities and models.


I have degrees in both science and art, so my research often involves areas where the two overlap. I am interested in the history and philosophy of science, the collecting culture of natural history museums and the function of their gift shops, the quality of specimenhood, and the role of scientific instruments as mediators of knowledge. My artistic work usually takes the form of objects or jewelry that embody the ideas generated by my scholarly research. I am also interested in making work that relates to my teaching and the academic environment here at IWU. I hope some day to work collaboratively with my colleagues and students here in the sciences.


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