Elizabeth (Susie) Balser


Associate Professor of Biology


B.S. - Lander University
Ph.D. - Clemson University


Dr. Susie Balser is an invertebrate zoologist with training in morphology, physiology, and evolution of invertebrate animals. Her research pursuits include comparative examination of the structure and development of the kidney in starfish and other echinoderms and the morphology and development of larval echinoderms and pterobranchs (a small group of animals related to chordates). Dr. Balser encourages undergraduate students to conduct research in her laboratory (Biol. 395, 499); students chose projects, write proposals, complete research, and explain their results in a scientific paper. In recent years, students have studied the development of larvae of echinoderms and pterobranchs (from Antarctica), systematics of tardigrades, bioactive compounds, rotifer reproduction, and growth and development of preying mantis. Students are also encouraged to work with Dr. Balser on directed projects (Biol. 495).