The Mass Migration: office and building moves in Summer 2013

Faculty began moving their offices into State Farm Hall on Monday, June 17, and there will follow a series of office moves in its wake.  This page includes reference information on the work that is underway and the schedule for work to come over the next two months.  There is a calendar that includes some of the major dates that indicate when offices will be painted and cleaned, when faculty, staff, and student organizations will be moved, and some specific information regarding furniture and IT installation.  Note that this calendar will change as we progress through the moves, and we will post useful information as it becomes available.

During this transition period, we will also be installing new signage in State Farm Hall, in parts of the CLA, and in other buildings.  The room numbers for State Farm Hall will convert from the numbering used in the construction documents to the permanent numbering system, as reflected in this document.  

We will also provide regular updates on this page through the end of the summer.  Please don't hesitate to email ( or call (x3752) with any questions.

Update 20 June

We are running well ahead of schedule with the moving of economics and business departments to SFH, and we will be able to begin moving the Mellon Center and Educational Studies to the third floor of the CLA on Monday, June 24.  The International Office is already located on the third floor.  Our accelerate pace will provide additional time for some of the other modifications that are needed on the third floor.

The movement of the Office of Institutional Research from Stevenson Hall will proceed once carpet and paint work is completed in Shaw Hall.  We expect that work to proceed very soon.

In SFH, the security system and internet will be fully functional beginning on Monday, June, 24, though I have already seen colleagues working in their offices.  The installation of the classroom instructional technology began its final phase yesterday when we received the classroom cabinets/podiums that will house the equipment. 

Update 2 July

Our colleagues in SFH are now in their offices and will have the final furniture installed next week.  In the CLA, the Mellon Center, Educational Studies, and the International Office are in the final days of getting their offices moved into the offices vacated by business and economics.   Michael Thompson and Jenny Hand will be moving the Office of Institutional Research into Shaw Hall early next week.  While there is still much to be done to get the offices reconfigured, we're pleased to be nearly two weeks ahead of the original moving schedule. 

After the Holiday, we'll be preparing the first floor of the CLA for its new residents with extensive cleaning and some painting of the offices.  Boxes have been delivered to those who will be making the move to the first floor of CLA, and we are in a great position to have everyone in their new spaces by August 1.  

Our colleagues in physical plant have done a fantastic job with the complicated moves, especially in light of the many other projects that are underway.  Also, our faculty and staff colleagues have been incredibly patient as we triage all of the tasks that are necessary to organize the Migration.  Great job, everyone!