About the Department

The world needs image-makers and creative thinkers now more than ever, as our mediascape turns increasingly visual and complex. Our graduates are well equipped to solve problems artistically and use design thinking effectively.

Our Liberal Arts Curriculum

With a strong liberal arts focus we dedicate our attention to each student, focusing on artistic and academic excellence and a personalized career path. As part of our liberal arts philosophy, we value breadth of knowledge in the fine arts as much as newly emerging art forms and critical approaches. The School of Art's broad-based curriculum is designed to help facilitate flexibility in student direction and foster the critical thinking and creativity that employers and graduate schools are seeking.

Experiential Learning

Individually designed experiential learning is incorporated into our curriculum through valuable internships, special individual projects and affordable study abroad programs. Every student will create their own student-directed portfolio of work with reflective advising from faculty in the School of Art.

Diverse Faculty

Our faculty members are active professionals outside of the studio classrooms and share rich and varied experiences unique to artists, designers and scholars. Visiting artists and graphic designers give artist talks every semester and students have the opportunity to interact with them through studio workshops. We are happy to announce our new Shiro Oni Artist in Residency Program, starting fall 2019. Each semester, a professional artist, selected by the Shiro Oni Studio in Fujioka-shi, Japan, will be working in residence at IWU and students may actively engage with and learn from these artists from around the globe.

Come See Us!

The Main Art office is located on the second floor, Room 208, Ames School of Art, 6 Ames Plaza, Bloomington, Illinois 61701.