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 mary jungels goodyear


 "Layered Landscapes is a collection of oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings composed from several different stylistic approaches. Some of the works have come purely from my imagination, while others are a combination of studying my environment, painting on location, or using Photo- Assemblage: a collage design process that combines specific elements from different photographs I’ve taken over the past several years. Photo- Assemblage is a recent addition to my design process because it opens another dimension to my work. It gives me more freedom to explore new compositions that transcend reality and experiment with depth perception, interpretation of form, and color relationships. When combining subjects, objects, and elements, both man-made and natural, I’ll alter their scale and transparency in some instances, allowing the viewer to see through objects and grasp their impermanence. Layered Landscapes explores the possibilities of what can function as sky, foreground, and background. It invites us to expand our interpretation of the horizon line, breaking through the known boundaries." 

"I started painting in the 7th grade. I mainly work with Golden Acrylic paints; however, watercolors are quickly replacing my tendency to work in oil as a second medium. My art studio is approximately 162 square feet. When necessary, I expand into easily converted working stations in my kitchen and basement. Eventually, a thought or vision turns into an action, which turns into art.
My work is inspired by natural beauty, endless possibilities, and a fascination with color relationships. When it comes to details of representational work, I have a left-brained approach to the canvas. I’m practical, systematic, and logical. I like there to be spatial balance and organization, even in an abstract environment. I painted a lot of wildlife portraits and landscapes in junior high and high school. Arizona Highways was my favorite resource for inspiration back then. I was drawn to the dramatic, vibrant, contrasting colors, and awe-inspiring landscapes."  - Mary Jungels-Goodyear

Mary Jungels-Goodyear will give a gallery talk at 4:15pm on Thursday, May 8th in the galleries

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