Sherilyn McElroy

Sherilyn McElroy

Sherilyn McElroy, M.S.

Professor of Art/Graphic Design

M.S. from Illinois State University

Sherilyn McElroy received her M.S. from Illinois State University. She has taught at Illinois Wesleyan University since 1988 in addition to working as a graphic designer. She is most interested in strategic design and how to cross-promote in media ranging from print to social media. Check out her design resource page of links.

Her client work has been published in prominent design publications such as Print, How, Step-by-Step, American Corporate Identity, and Prairie Modern. Her personal work serves as explorations in subjects dealing with the prairie, social issues and gender. Her digital prints can be seen here. In addition to digital giclée prints she makes sculptural assemblages, which justifies her scavenging for "bizarre stuff."

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