Works by Carmen Lozar

My pieces are snapshots - momentary excerpts from longer narratives; they are captured moments, suspended, and recorded. Each scene, like a page from a book, suggests a story but does not define the beginning or the conclusion.  These accounts often present improbable interactions with nature, appearing innocuous or even charming; they are full of the faith, which accompanies hopeful idealism.

The pieces are created through the process of flameworking. Using a torch I manipulate hollow tubing and solid rods of glass to construct figures and objects that are then sandblasted and oil painted. The pieces may lose some of their "glassy" qualities, but for me the most important attributes of the material remain: A sense of movement retained from the molten stage, and a sense of fragility. Flameworking lends itself to the creation of delicate and intimate portraits, which, in turn, highlight the overall intention of the work.

Early Mourning Girl Honey
Graft Hair Like a Nest